Some news and the future direction of the range

You may have noticed some of the ranges disappearing from the "Getting Some" section on the blog. 

As it is, the range has gotten too big for me to keep everything available and some moulds have indeed reached the end of their natural lifespan and need to be replaced. Now as I don't want them to go to the place that miniatures go to when they become OOP and since I'm not done adding to the range, I found another way, thanks to a throwaway comment from my trusted mouldmaker.

From this day forward, the production and  distribution of the Dwarf and Plump Halfling ranges will be taken care of by my friends at The Assault Group. Since they use the same mouldmaker, this means there will be no change in the quality of the castings.

The advantages of this arrangement are legion:
- faster turnaround on restocks as moulding and casting will be done in-house;
- online shopping facilities that mean you no longer have to search to the blog and copy-paste your wants list and personal info into an e-mail;
- online payment options shouldn't be limited to Paypal any longer;
- shipping will be straight from the source, no more middleman;
- I free up a lot more time to focus on expanding the range!

That's right, this is by no means the end of those ranges. I will keep adding new releases to both the dwarf and halfling range, we're far from done yet. I'll just have to worry less about moulding, casting, stocking and processing orders (even though the magnificent Svennn took a large share of the load on that one).

Downtime for the back-catalogue should be reduced to a minimum, while the good people at TAG sort through the mould and start adding the sets to their webstore (I'm told this has already begun). So normal service should be resumed before long, with a little more added comfort. Their aim is to have them up for pre-order shortly, for delivery in January.

Meanwhile, I'll be showing off some more additions to the range here in a couple of days.