Painted Ponyriders

While John is busy expanding the range of ponies and riders, I fixed up a set of slightly flawed mastercastings and applied some paint to them. The bases are standard plastic cavalry bases (50mmx25mm). I think they ended up looking pretty sharp.

Some individual shots. I love the shouting face on this one:

A final side by side with a model on foot, for size.


Other painters doing WK Dwarfs

Some other painters have tried their hand at some WK dwarfs, with great results (putting my own work to shame, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles when you deal with talented people). I thought I'd show them here.

First off, here are Paul v2's "quick" speardwarfs (go check out his blog "Here Lives Goblins"). I would never have guessed they would look this good in a single colour:

Secondly, some pictures painted by the hobby veteran Svennn. His painting style really brings out the old school flavour in these dwarfs (some more pictures in his thread on the LAF):

Thirdly, I got some more pictures of the set Bruenor Odinson of Odinson's Anvil painted, great stuff!

Finally, as a preview of things to come, Blue-in-vt painted these mastercastings of the second set of dwarfs (more pictures on his blog called Blue's Marauding Miniatures):


Dwarfs with Pikes - WK-MM size and style comparison

I hadn't done a proper size comparison between the old Marauder figures and the upcoming sets two and three of the infantry (next in line for productionmoulding). Since I just finsihed two, I thought I'd take some comparison pics of painted  figures with similar poses.

Attention pose pikes: the weapon shafts are the same length, it is just that they are a bit more at an angle on my figures. Overall, I think they match up pretty well.

I didn't paint any of the marauder plug ins with the spear variant yet, but at least this gives a good comparison of the bodies:

Dwarfs with Pikes - Part 6

I thought I'd try my hand at a couple mastercastings of infantry sets two and three (next in line for productionmoulding). I equipped both with spears/pikes and I think they turned out pretty well.


Painted Dwarf Combinations

Since I've now painted two of each body from the first set, I thought it'd be nice to show them side by side to see how different they really look (or not) when used with different bodies and weapons. What do you think?


Dwarfs with Pikes - Part 5

4 more Dwarf pikemen painted, not Marauder this time, but a selection of my privately commissioned multipart figures.

Perhaps the grey beard doesn't work all that well, but I wanted a colour that would contrast well with the bright yellow overcoat.

For some reason, this one gives me a vibe of Warwick Davis with a fake beard:

Simple metal for this one's armour. I know the decorated nature would allow something more elaborate, but I'll save that for something else than your basic trooper. Though at some point I may consider doing a complete unit all made up from this body (with different heads of course).

Dwarf Halberdiers - Part 5

2 more of my multipart "WK" Dwarf Halberdiers. Nothing too fancy, just tabletop standard.

I wasn't very fond of this head initially, but when I put it on this body and started applying paint, it all sort of came together. Also pleased with the red on this figure.

Smallest head on the smallest body. The belly is better painted in real life, honest...