New releases

Time for another round of releases. These are now available from the "getting some" section.

For the dwarfs:

* WKD-24: Dwarf Imperial Knight/Knights of the White Boar Command on Armoured Ponies (2) (by John Pickford)
* WKD-25: Dwarf Imperial Knights on Armoured Ponies (4) (by John Pickford)
* WKB-02: Armoured ponies (4) (by John Pickford)
* WKD-70: Dwarf Stretcher Party (3) (converted by WK)
* WKD-71: Dwarf Ammo Team/Petard Team (2) (converted by WK)
* WKD-72: Wounded Dwarf  (1) (converted by WK)
* WKD-73: Dwarf Guard with Halberd/Spear (1) (converted by WK)
* WKDH-20: Dwarf Heads (sallets) (8) (converted by WK)
* WKDH-21: Dwarf Heads (9) (converted by WK)

For the goblins:

WKG-20: Goblin Artillery Crew (5) (by Kev Adams)
* WKH-20: Halfling Artillery Crew Conversion Kit (5) (by Kev Adams)

For the Hors Série range:
* WKHS-06: Female Half-Orc Warrior (sculpted by Mark Evans) - £3

Getting some - How?

You've looked allover the blog and drooled at some of the wonderful specially commissioned figures (just admit it, there is no shame) and now you want to get some.

As exposed elsewhere on the blog, this is first and foremost a private project and not a commercial venture and there are no plans at present to make it one. This blog is not a webshop and I am not a company. This being said, I understand the cruelty of dangling these in front of you and then saying you can't get any. So, on these pages, I will offer the possibility to buy some as long as supplies last. The aim here is not to earn a profit, everything that is left after deducting the (various) costs will be invested back into getting more figures made.

So the easiest way would be to write your wants list in an e-mail and send it to wknight192@live.be, along with your address and paypal account (if you have it) and we will get back to you.

Pack prices are indicated in the "Getting Some" section and are subject to change if the costs go up.

Shipping is at cost. Outside the UK postage will be Air Mail Small Packets unless "signed for" is requested.

Check out the "Getting Some" section.