Human Witchhunter Greens

I've long wanted to get some Renaissance Witchhunters figures done, clad in heavy armour and with the iconic hats. The idea probably goes back to some conversions I saw several decades ago that left a general impression with me. The armoured dollies made for the footknight figures offered a good base to jump off from. All three models sculpted by Mick Darpa.

Witchhunter Captain With No Name. Very loosely based on the Man With No Name and a certain H.S., he loves his cigars almost as much as he loves the way a plan comes together. His heavy broadsword is the perfect tool for chopping up all manner of undead and witchbreed.

Witchhunter Pistolier. Because sometimes it's just nice to put some distance between you and the enemy.

Witchhunter specialising in vampire control. Armed with a warhammer and a set of wooden stakes. You don't want to run into him if you're a child of the night, especially with that neckguard protecting him from your bite.