Ponyriders 2 - Part 2

The new ponyriders have arrived and I've had a chance to play around a bit with them and tack them together. The pictures aren't the greatest, but will hopefully give an idea of the possibilities. They are currently all packed again and ready to go to the mouldmaker for mastermoulding.

First, the bits:

The two bodies with spears (two spear arm variants):

Pistoliers (two pistol arm variants):

The two bodies with swords (three variants)


Other Painters Doing WK Dwarfs - Part 3

Time for another round of WK dwarfs painted by other collectors. The first set is painted by Darkblade, whose work you can check out here.

Meanwhile, Clam has been busy with his copies, including a converted champion and the first ever painted Peaseblossom. There are more pictures on his blog here.

The next ones are painted by Purplebeard who's planning a massive Renaissance dwarf army. This pic is just a teaser, you can see more of them on his painting log.

Blue-in-VT hasn't been idle either and painted these two dwarves from set 3. Go check out the other pics on his blog.

Finally, Fanai Glimmerclaw has posted this converted standardbearer and a couple rank and file dwarfs (except for the middle one):


Ponyrider Greens 2 - Part 1

The new ponyrider variants are making their way to me and for various reasons it will take a little while before I can show some pictures of the assembled figures, including new heads to go with them, but here's a teaser:


More Dwarf Figures Available

It's been a while, but the following sets are now available (see the "Getting Some" section to the left or go here) :

Dwarf Infantry Set 2 - Attention Poses:
WKD-02A: Dwarf Core Infantry with Spears/Pikes 2 (8)
WKD-02B: Dwarf Core Infantry with Halberds/Poleaxes 2 (8)
WKD-02C: Dwarf Core Infantry with Sword and Buckler 1 (8)
WKD-02D: Dwarf Core Infantry with Handguns 1 (8)
WKD-02E: Dwarf Core Infantry with Crossbows 1 (8)

Dwarf Infantry Set 3 - Action Poses:
WKD-03A: Dwarf Core Infantry with Spears/Pikes 3 (4)
WKD-03B: Dwarf Core Infantry with Halberds/Poleaxes 3 (4)
WKD-03C: Dwarf Core Infantry with Sword and Buckler 2 (4)
WKD-03D: Dwarf Core Infantry with Handguns 2 (4)
WKD-03E: Dwarf Core Infantry with Crossbows 2 (4)

Dwarf Civilians:
WKD-80: Dwarf Maids (2)
WKD-81: Dwarf Floozie (1)

Hors Série:
WKHS-02: Mustard Seed, hedgehog, playing a trumpet

Dwarf Bits:
WKDH-02: Dwarf Heads 2 (8)
WKDC-01: 6 Sheathed Swords, 3 Pouches and 1 Knife
WKDW-01: WKD-01A Hands with Spears/Pikes (8)
WKDW-02: WKD-01B Hands with Halberds/Poleaxes (8)
WKDW-03: WKD-02A Arms with Spears/Pikes (8)
WKDW-04: WKD-02B Arms with Halberds/Poleaxes (8)
WKDW-05: WKD-02C Arms with Sword and Buckler (8)
WKDW-06: WKD-02D Arms with Handguns (8)
WKDW-07: WKD-02E Arms with Crossbows (8)
WKDW-08: WKD-03A Plugs with Spears/Pikes (4)
WKDW-09: WKD-03B Plugs with Halberds/Poleaxes (4)
WKDW-10: WKD-03C Plugs with Sword and Buckler (4)
WKDW-11: WKD-03D Plugs with Handguns (4)
WKDW-12: WKD-03E Plugs with Crossbows (4)


Dwarfs with Pikes - Part 7

Another of pikeman from the second infantry set (attention poses). While the highlights don't show up well in the pictures, I'm actually quite happy with this one. Painting the little pouch green also helped to break the monotony that is starting to creep in the group due to repetition of the colourscheme. I will add more little touches like that on the occasional figure.

And here he is with the front rank halberdier I painted at the same time. They clearly shopped in the same store for their helmets.

Dwarf Halberdiers - Part 6

Not my best work, but I managed to paint another one of the third infantry set (front rankers), this time with halberd. Lack of good lighting sort of nullified the highlights on the red and yellow.


First Painted Goblins

I tried my hand on some mastercastings of the goblins and they came out rather well I think. Kev put loads of detailed textures on them that should be brought out nicely by some gentle drybrushing or a wash (though in this case I spent ages painting on the highlights instead, and of course they don't really show up at all in the pictures).  The multipart figures went together without need for filling.

The first goblin is one of the close combat models, with separate heads, right hands and shields. I chose to equip this first try with a sword, though spear and halberd options are available too. The freehand on the shield is a bit weak, but that's not my strong point. There was also some problem with the primer, making one of his cheeks a bit rougher than it should be.

The second one is of the plug-in hand type and comes with separate head and separate hands. I thought this head, with the hat and earring worked really well with this body.

 A quick size and style comparison with a couple Foundry mercenary orcs, also sculpted by Kev Adams:

Other Painters Doing WK Dwarfs - Part 2

Some more lovely painted dwarfs from various talented people that aren't me.

Clam painted these copies of the first set with an excellent green-red colour scheme. You can see more pics of his work on his blog Clamshells and Seahorser

Blue-in-vt painted these mastercastings of the soon to be released second set of core infantry figures in his trademark bright colours. Find more of his dwarf work on Blue's Marauding Miniatures.

Finally Jimmytrout painted these dwarf wenches (also to be released shortly) in lovely smooth tones. You can see more of his dwarfs on Bugman's Brewery.