Upcoming Price Hike

It's a bit of an odd title, given that this is still a personal hobby project, and "prices" are just what I charge for sharing limited surplus figures with the rest of you, but there's only so much space available for a title in this blog format.

Anyway, for a couple years now I've shared castings of my private figure ranges at a cost that, at the time, seemed fair to you and allowed me to keep going without this service adding to the financial weight of the project. However, back then, I didn't expect my project to expand like it has and it has gotten quite big indeed. So big that it's getting too big for my hobby budget to support it all AND keep the full range available on request.

Coupled to the fact that both moulding and metal costs have gone up quite a bit since this project started (we've often heard this from actual miniature companies, but it's true), I have to either slim down the project and retire parts of it, or adapt the pricing structure for the existing figures so that I can still share some with fellow miniature enthusiasts.

So, because I know the frustration of discovering a set of figures I like, only to find out that they were a limited edition and near impossible to get, I'm going to try and go with the second approach and work out the costs again.

Now there are two ways this could go (feel free to share your thoughts on this):
1) Upping the figure cost overall, while keeping the tiered discounts (these are largely based on the fact it's less hassle to sort and pack multiples of the same, than smaller batches)
2) Keeping the base prices largely the same (with possible exceptions) but scrapping the tiered discounts.

Changes will take effect from April 1st (2014).