Dwarf Footknight Standard and Landgriffon Variant Greens

As promised a few days ago, here are the final greens for the dwarf footknight and landgriffon sets, soon to be released through The Assault Group.

To complete the dwarf footknight command set, here is the standardbearer with exchangeable standard tops:

Depending on whether you'll be using him as an Imperial, Boar or Raven/skull knight standardbearer, the helmet tops from the mounted knight command group will be supplied, for him and the musician as well:

 Next are the two variant poses for the landgriffons. These will join the two original models to make up a set of 4 different landgriffons:

In addition to the plumes already shown with the original 2 landgriffon greens, there will be themed headcrests for the griffons to go with the knights of the white boar and the templars of the God of Death riders:

Finally, here are a couple more arm variants for the footknights shown earlier:

They are to go with these bodies for more different poses:

More new stuff to follow shortly!

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