Halfling Civilians Comparison

I remembered my old "Village of Fear" boardgame came with some plastic halflings (oddly called "trolls" in my French edition of the game) that were sadly convered in thick oil paint. After stripping them managed to get rid of *most* of that paint, they scale up pretty well and will make some nice civilians (mayor and miller):

Renaissance Elves Comparison

There are actually a few Renaissance themed elves out there, which fit rather well to my vision of the Sea Elves with a base in the main coastal towns in human lands. (Well, except for some gratuitous nudity in the case of the Foundry females perhaps).

Dwarf Scale Comparisons

This image was made before I had my own range of dwarfs to add to the line-up:

Hafling Size Comparison

A comparison between some halfling figures. I only had converted BTD ones, but it doesn't affect the overall size:

Goblins, Cherubs and Ramage Comparison

A comparison of the relative size of Foundry goblins, orclings, cherubs and assorted ramage to an average human figure:


Painted Scale Comparison

John's dwarfs compared to some painted Marauder dwarfs:

(Marauder - WK - Marauder - WK - Marauder )

Dwarf Halberdiers - First painted pics of WK dwarfs

I couldn't resist the temptation to slap some paint on a couple mastercastings of the dwarfs I commissioned. Bit miffed that the camera ignored the extra care I put in the highlighting and shading, but what are you going to do... Quite happy with the sallet helmet though as my metals usually suck.


First castings

I got some mastercastings back from Pete at http://www.themouldmaker.com/ and he did a fantastic job on them, with no shrinkage issues. A scale comparison of some of the mastercastings next to some marauder dwarfs:


Dwarf Halberdiers - Part 2

A couple more classic Marauder figures from the heavily sought after MM15 series. Two halberdiers. I quite enjoyed painting these figures.


Ogre and Great Orc Scale Comparisons

A scale comparison between a human and some Marauder and Foundry Landsknecht Ogres/Great orcs:

Human Cavalry Comparisons

Some various mounted knight figures:

Estalian/Spanish Comparison

A size comparison between some Spanish/Estalian themed figures:

Civilian Comparisons

Some human renaissance civilian comparisons. Men: Closer look:



Human Footmodels Comparison

Originally done for the Warhammer Empire forum, it seemed like a good idea to add this here too. A size comparison between a selection of Landsknecht type footmodels from a variety of manufacturers: Halberdiers (or pikemen):


Dopplesoldners (or greatswords):

Some female models:


Wench Greens

Next are two more greens (and some bits) that John did for me while we were waiting on the mastercastings of the first set. These are part of the civilian section of the range. A serving wench, with an assortment of bits to carry around and an alternate head: Finally something to cheer up your troops when they're far from home and not on duty. #cough# (her foot is ok in real life, btw)

Halberd/Spear sprues

Well, I have the masters of the first set and John made some adjustments to the weapons so that all the bodies can be equipped with all the weapons (and did some variants while he was at it):