Orcs with Spears - Part 5

Two more Foundry orcs for the unit. The one with the pipe is a conversion from one of their non-landsknecht war orcs, as the range had run out of variants for me to use and I didn't want to resort to doubles. More to follow.

The conversion before painting, so you can see the mods.


Dwarfs with Guns - Part 6

Two more Marauder dwarves, champion and drummer for the handgunner unit. The drummer is from the rare MM15 set. Again, poor light doesn't pick up the highlights very well.


Dwarfs with Guns - Part 5

3 more Marauder dwarfs, converted from the dwarf pike/spearmen with plastic handguns from the current dwarf plastic set. Bad light today, so pictures are a bit crap.

Group shot:


Crossbow Woman

A minor update. Not a new paintjob, but another touch up of an old one to bring it closer in line with my current standard, without going for a full repaint. This figure is slightly converted (original one was golding a lantern, which I replaced with a sword) and based on a DSA figure by Werner Klocke (now available through Ral Partha Europe):


Dwarfs with Guns - Part 4

3 more Marauder dwarves, all unconverted. The one with the sword and pistol is a much underrated (and underused) figure. I don't think I've ever seen one painted and it isn't as sought after as the MM15 set, but it's still pretty good.