Painted Infantry

The talented Bruenor Odinson painted a set of mastercastings (mainly because I wanted to see what a good painter could do with them) and they are lovely:


Pike, crossbow, handgun and sword greens

I got these (among other things) from John Pickford yesterday. They are based on mastercastings of the original 4 bodies and the head with the sallet helmet:

There are two variant arms for each weapon type, so you can do matching sleeves with the bodies. Currently, the weapon options include pikes/spears, crossbows, handguns and swords. After moulding, the pike-arms will be converted to halberd-arms for another option. The swords have been slightly lengthened since these pictures were taken.

Of course, the heads are fully interchangeable with those from the previous set, for maximum individuality. With hindsight, the crossbow variants are going to be a bit tricky to rank up. As it is, this set should allow for 128 different combinations. 256 if you throw in the heads from the first set. More if you mix sleevetypes (though that might require some gapfilling, I haven't tried).

Unobstructed view of the bodies, front and back: