Fate of the Goblin and Slim Halfling range

The Kev Adams sculpted goblins and slim halflings have been gone from the "Getting some" section of the blog for a while now.

The reason is these have joined Macrocosm Miniatures "Short Wars" project.

"Short Wars is a skirmish Fantasy game based on a Company of your own design fighting for King/Queen/Dark Lord and country, raiding and plundering neighbors territories in search for fortune and fame.
We have 2 whole factions of miniatures that will be released this month. The Evil Goblins (Sculpted by Kev Adams the Goblin Master) and the Heroic Haflings (Kev Adams) with Dark Dwarves and their opposing cousins not long after them with some Ogre, Trolls and other big beasties to support them. Some of you will recognize some of the miniatures that were available for a limited time via White Knights blog. We have decided to take them from the small corner of the web and bring them to a bigger market. We have also teamed up with the chaps at Hasslefree to liberate some of their miniatures to add to the Shortwars world. We will be expanding on this range to take it from the 11 initial sculpts to a full faction of 40+ sculpts with cavalry and artillery. 
We intend to release over 200 individual sculpts over the next few months to give you variety to your skirmish games or to add some interesting flavors to your massed battle games. We will not be going to Kickstarter for the 1st 3 Armies and have funded the project ourselves. If we can get the support from the community then we will not need to use Kickstarter to fund future ranges.
The rules and faction lists will be free to download online in the coming weeks, these will be updated with input from the community before we go to print later in the year.
We are looking forward to bringing more whole ranges to your gaming table throughout 2016.
Watch out in the coming days for more information about the releases. There is a peak at some of the miniatures in the Shortwars fan group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1653075104941110/members/"
The figures are up in their webshop for pre-order now: Goblins and Halflings

To summarise the current wherabout of the range:
- Goblins and slim halflings at Macrocosm Miniatures
- Dwarfs and plump halflings at The Assault Group
- Humans, zombies and Hors Série remain with me on the blog
- Sea Elves... to be confirmed later