Imperial Troubadour Conversion

A conversion of the Hasslefree Miniatures minstrel into an Imperial Troubadour:


Dwarf With No Name

The Dwarf With No Name. A really old, preslotta GW figure. TBH, it was not very enjoyable to paint, rather rough sculpting. But it's a classic. He'll fit in fine as a militia/bountyhunter/witchhunter type.

Dwarf Crossbows - Part 7

2 more converted dwarves with crossbows. The first one is a major conversion on one of the classic citadel drunken dwarves. He was dressed in medieval HYW style clothes, so I sculpted on the puffy sleeves and the yellow overcoat and resculpted the belt (minus the buckle which is the original one).

The second one is only a minor conversion: the addition of the red tied ribbon on his shoulder and the sleeve on the other arm was made a bit wider, so he fits in a bit better with the empire theme (the shoes were perfect already):

A group shot of the crossbow regiment so far (still a couple more figures to add to it):