Human Footknight Greens 5 - Handweapon and shields Set 2

Last set of the generic footknights by Mick Darpa, the second set of 5 footknights with various handweapons and shields.


As a reminder, they will come with a selection of handweapons:

And a set of undecorated shields:

Finally, a last look at all ten models:


Human Footknight Greens 4 - Twohanded Swords Set 2

Mick Darpa has been busy converting the footknight models for more variants. Here is the second group of five models:

This concludes the sculpting for the generic footknights with twohanded swords (there will be more, but for a different knightly order). Here's a final look at all ten models:


Human Footknight Command Greens

Next up from Mick Darpa, a command set for the footknights.

Footknight Captain with greatsword who wants you to come closer:

Footknight musician. The hand with the weapon will be a separate part allowing you to pose it a bit differently if you want:

Footknight Standard Bearer: