Looting Landsknecht

It was waiting for me when I got home on Friday, the Steve Dean forum charity figure sculpted by Paul Hicks, commissioned by Regulator (Pro Gloria Miniatures) and I couldn't wait, so I painted him right away. Lovely figure!

Ogre with Greatsword

A classic Marauder ogre with greatsword (I love these figures):


90's Handgunners

After at least 5 years, possibly 7-8, I've finally finished off these empire handgunners that sat partially painted in a box for all those years. Since my painting style and skill evolved since then, these figures ended up somewhat of a hybrid paintjob (old and current). They are in the colour scheme I decided on back in the day, as a nostalgic return to the red, yellow and blue schemes of the early nineties. The 5 figures: A couple close(r)-ups:

I think I'll keep painting them for a while, already started work on a Marauder empire ogre and the steve dean forum charity fig.

Halfling Spearmen

Some less extensive conversions. 10 halflings from Black Hat Miniatures (plastic hats from the 6th edition statetroops set):


Dwarf Stretcher Bearers

After seeing an old (non-empire) dwarf stretcher bearer model on ebay, the idea came to see if I couldn't come up with something similar using 6th edition plastic dwarves and greenstuff (and a few plastic bits). I tried to go for the look of the marauder empire dwarves (which among other things meant big noses. :icon_biggrin: ). Anyway, after playing around with them for a week and a half, they are about done (needs a little tidying up here and there but nothing major. I can see some issues (lack of necks among those, but that seems to be how those 6th edition plastics were made) but overall I'm pretty happy with them.


Dwarf Airship - Part 2

Work on the airship begins in earnest as all the unwanted bits are removed: Then all the existing and newly created gaps are filled and a door is added to cover the irregularly shaped hole:

And the ship will need a name of course. This one reads "Nex Superne". Anyone care to guess what I was going for with that in English?

But how will it fly? I have considered various options (including magic powered and with regular sails), and inthe end I decided to go with a balloon. Though it will be neither round nor zeppelinshaped. I had a hard time coming up with something suitable and it will be three smaller balloons, tied together with ropes. I hope that will still be suitably fantasy. You can see the basic structure here: This will get covered in putty and such. The top half will be covered in a large sail, to which will be added the cables that attach it to the gondola (so the balloons will kinda be trapped under the sail). I still need to work out a few things, but that's the main idea.

Dwarf Field Hospital WIP

A WIP pic of the field hospital set destined to go with the stretcherbearers. Loads to do still.


Dwarf Griffon Knight

Another one almost done, though I see I'll need to redo the shoes, looking a bit sloppy there. Sorry about the bad picture quality, best I could get today. This one is intended to be a knightly hero type in classic Empire style. He actually looks quite good in real life, but doesn't photograph very well. Using bits from the 6th edition plastic dwarves and the empire knightly order sprue. His shield is a foundry metal shield (slightly smaller than the plastic GW ones) with some added detail (griffon head, ribbon):
And finally, his ride (unconverted marauder miniatures griffon). I've had this for years but didn't know what rider to put on it (the original had a chaos warrior in a kneeling pose). Then recently it occurred to me there was enough room for the stumpy legs of a dwarf. And given the relationship between dwarf and griffon, it's even fluffy.


Dwarf Airship - Part 1

Looking for useful bits while passing through a toystore, I came upon these bags of plastic 54mm toy pirates, which held, among other (useless) things, a hideously underscale pirate ship. I immediately saw potential for the base of an airship, so I picked it up. The scale is really allover the place, but for once, that works.

I've already converted a Captain:

To be continued...