Handgunner Champion

This is the champion for the classic handgunners. This is not a real new paintjob, but an old paintjob that was touched up (a lot) to bring it close to the standard of the rest of the unit.

Group shot:


Unreleased Marauder Dwarf General

Watch and wheep that it fell in my hands (and under my mediocre paintbrush) instead of coming to you where it would have found a paintjob worthy of it's rarity. Alas, 't is what it is, and here is my take on the unreleased marauder dwarf general:


Dwarfs with Guns - part 3

3 more Marauder dwarfs with handguns. The one with the pipe is one of those models that didn't look very exciting until it started coming to life under the brush.

Some individual shots:

The full group so far:


Dwarfs with Guns - Part 2

4 more Marauder dwarfs with handguns. The one waving his hat is from the MM15 set and one of my favourite models from the range.

Individual shots:

With the previous two and the dwarf with no name:


Dwarfs with Guns - Part 1

2 more Marauder dwarves (unconverted). Handgunners this time. The first one is the rare one of the MM15 set. The next few updates will include more imperial dwarf handgunners.

Handgunner Standard

I converted a standardbearer for my metal handgunners. It was also my first attempt at a freehand banner. It's nowhere as good as I want it to be, but it'll have to do.

The standardbearer was converted from this artillery crew figure, by adding a greenstuff beard and feather and making a standard from wire and a plastic standard top.