Meanwhile, the dwarf footknights are on kickstarter, with some painted samples. Please support them if you're interested, the kickstarter also opens up discounted sales of the whole dwarf range:

TAG Dwarf Knights Kickstarter Link

These are the full details of the packs
DEM052 Dwarf Imperial Knight Command on foot (4)
DEM053 Dwarf Imperial Knights on foot with swords & shields I (4)
DEM054 Dwarf Imperial Knights on foot with swords & shields II (4)
DEM055 Dwarf Imperial Knights on foot hammers & shields I (4)
DEM056 Dwarf Imperial Knights on foot with hammers & shields II (4)
DEM057 Dwarf Lieb Knights on foot with scythes I (4)
DEM058 Dwarf Lieb Knights on foot with scythes II (4)
DEM059 Dwarf Lieb Knights on foot with swords & shields I (4)
DEM060 Dwarf Lieb Knights on foot with swords & shields II (4)
DEM061 Dwarf Lieb Knights on foot with hammers & shields I (4)
DEM062 Dwarf Lieb Knights on foot with hammer & shields II (4)
DEM063 Dwarf Boar Knights on foot with morningstar & shields I (4)
DEM064 Dwarf Boar Knights on foot with morningstar & shields II (4)
DEM065 Dwarf Boar knights on foot with swords & shields I (4)
DEM066 Dwarf Boar knights on foot with swords & shields II (4)
DEM067 Dwarf Boar knights on foot with hammers & shields I (4)
DEM068 Dwarf Boar knights on foot with hammers & shields II (4)
Plenty to choose from as individual packs, but for those that would like larger numbers we will combine these basic packs into TAG popular Unit Builders, which offer a full wargames unit at the best possible price.


Halfling Light Cavalry - The Mounts

Not so long ago, I've shown the rider models for the halfling light cavalry with spears. These will normally fit on the dwarven ponies for a traditional mount, but if you like something a bit more quirky and fluffy, here are the sculpts for the proper halfling mounts. The prototype model was sculpted by Brad Shier, with some conversions for the other poses by John Pickford:


For an idea of relative size of rider to rooster, here's an example of the original prototype sculpted by Brad Shier, painted by him, with an unreleased rider that is now also in The Assault Group's hands;


Fate of the Goblin and Slim Halfling range

The Kev Adams sculpted goblins and slim halflings have been gone from the "Getting some" section of the blog for a while now.

The reason is these have joined Macrocosm Miniatures "Short Wars" project.

"Short Wars is a skirmish Fantasy game based on a Company of your own design fighting for King/Queen/Dark Lord and country, raiding and plundering neighbors territories in search for fortune and fame.
We have 2 whole factions of miniatures that will be released this month. The Evil Goblins (Sculpted by Kev Adams the Goblin Master) and the Heroic Haflings (Kev Adams) with Dark Dwarves and their opposing cousins not long after them with some Ogre, Trolls and other big beasties to support them. Some of you will recognize some of the miniatures that were available for a limited time via White Knights blog. We have decided to take them from the small corner of the web and bring them to a bigger market. We have also teamed up with the chaps at Hasslefree to liberate some of their miniatures to add to the Shortwars world. We will be expanding on this range to take it from the 11 initial sculpts to a full faction of 40+ sculpts with cavalry and artillery. 
We intend to release over 200 individual sculpts over the next few months to give you variety to your skirmish games or to add some interesting flavors to your massed battle games. We will not be going to Kickstarter for the 1st 3 Armies and have funded the project ourselves. If we can get the support from the community then we will not need to use Kickstarter to fund future ranges.
The rules and faction lists will be free to download online in the coming weeks, these will be updated with input from the community before we go to print later in the year.
We are looking forward to bringing more whole ranges to your gaming table throughout 2016.
Watch out in the coming days for more information about the releases. There is a peak at some of the miniatures in the Shortwars fan group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1653075104941110/members/"
The figures are up in their webshop for pre-order now: Goblins and Halflings

To summarise the current wherabout of the range:
- Goblins and slim halflings at Macrocosm Miniatures
- Dwarfs and plump halflings at The Assault Group
- Humans, zombies and Hors Série remain with me on the blog
- Sea Elves... to be confirmed later


Dwarf Footknight Standard and Landgriffon Variant Greens

As promised a few days ago, here are the final greens for the dwarf footknight and landgriffon sets, soon to be released through The Assault Group.

To complete the dwarf footknight command set, here is the standardbearer with exchangeable standard tops:

Depending on whether you'll be using him as an Imperial, Boar or Raven/skull knight standardbearer, the helmet tops from the mounted knight command group will be supplied, for him and the musician as well:

 Next are the two variant poses for the landgriffons. These will join the two original models to make up a set of 4 different landgriffons:

In addition to the plumes already shown with the original 2 landgriffon greens, there will be themed headcrests for the griffons to go with the knights of the white boar and the templars of the God of Death riders:

Finally, here are a couple more arm variants for the footknights shown earlier:

They are to go with these bodies for more different poses:

More new stuff to follow shortly!


Some news and the future direction of the range

You may have noticed some of the ranges disappearing from the "Getting Some" section on the blog. 

As it is, the range has gotten too big for me to keep everything available and some moulds have indeed reached the end of their natural lifespan and need to be replaced. Now as I don't want them to go to the place that miniatures go to when they become OOP and since I'm not done adding to the range, I found another way, thanks to a throwaway comment from my trusted mouldmaker.

From this day forward, the production and  distribution of the Dwarf and Plump Halfling ranges will be taken care of by my friends at The Assault Group. Since they use the same mouldmaker, this means there will be no change in the quality of the castings.

The advantages of this arrangement are legion:
- faster turnaround on restocks as moulding and casting will be done in-house;
- online shopping facilities that mean you no longer have to search to the blog and copy-paste your wants list and personal info into an e-mail;
- online payment options shouldn't be limited to Paypal any longer;
- shipping will be straight from the source, no more middleman;
- I free up a lot more time to focus on expanding the range!

That's right, this is by no means the end of those ranges. I will keep adding new releases to both the dwarf and halfling range, we're far from done yet. I'll just have to worry less about moulding, casting, stocking and processing orders (even though the magnificent Svennn took a large share of the load on that one).

Downtime for the back-catalogue should be reduced to a minimum, while the good people at TAG sort through the mould and start adding the sets to their webstore (I'm told this has already begun). So normal service should be resumed before long, with a little more added comfort. Their aim is to have them up for pre-order shortly, for delivery in January.

Meanwhile, I'll be showing off some more additions to the range here in a couple of days.


Dwarf Footknight Greens

It's been a while without a dwarf update. While the Landgriffon's variants are being finished, here are some greens for the upcoming dwarf footknights:

- Set 1: 4 bodies + 4 weapon hand options;

- Set 2: 4 bodies + 4 weapon arm options;

Footknight champion figure: body + 3 weapon options

Champion with hammer and sword options:

Same champion with the third weapon option; the Dwarf Ancestor Powerfist of Doom

Dwarf footknight musician:

A standardbearer, with interchangeable standard tops to reflect the different knightly orders will also be added.


Human Footknight Greens 6 - Knights of the White Boar Command

Now that the "vanilla" footknights have been released and I'm waiting on castings for their command, here's a preview of the command set for the first of the themed footknight orders, the knights of the White Boar.

Champion, with custom shield:


Standard Bearer:

Rank and file knights of the White Boar to follow...


New stuff available in metal - Footknights!

The first sets of dismounted knights are now available, all sculpted by Mick Darpa, with shields by FP.

WKM-11: Generic Footknight with plumed helmets, handweapon and shields 1

WKM-12: Generic Footknight with plumed helmets, handweapon and shields 2

WKM-13: Generic Footknight with plumed helmets and greatswords 1

WKM-14: Generic Footknight with plumed helmets and greatswords 2

In other news, the Renaissance goblins, slim halflings and Sea Elves are no longer available. I am looking into finding a new home for them, which will be announced here if succesfull.

The dwarfs, plump halflings, humans and undead will remain available for the time being.


Human Footknight Greens 5 - Handweapon and shields Set 2

Last set of the generic footknights by Mick Darpa, the second set of 5 footknights with various handweapons and shields.


As a reminder, they will come with a selection of handweapons:

And a set of undecorated shields:

Finally, a last look at all ten models:


Human Footknight Greens 4 - Twohanded Swords Set 2

Mick Darpa has been busy converting the footknight models for more variants. Here is the second group of five models:

This concludes the sculpting for the generic footknights with twohanded swords (there will be more, but for a different knightly order). Here's a final look at all ten models:


Human Footknight Command Greens

Next up from Mick Darpa, a command set for the footknights.

Footknight Captain with greatsword who wants you to come closer:

Footknight musician. The hand with the weapon will be a separate part allowing you to pose it a bit differently if you want:

Footknight Standard Bearer:


Halfling Cavalry Greens (greys)

After the more comical halfling piggyback riders, it was time to get some proper halfling cavalry that, if it won't strike fear in the hearts of the enemy, at least won't make them wet their pants laughing either.

This is the first set of them, light cavalry with spears. Mounted archers will follow, as well as heavy cavalry. While some halfling specific mounts are also being worked on, these rider figures will be fully compatible with the existing ponies from the dwarf range.

As with the rest of the plump halflings, these are sculpted by Juan Montaño. They still need some cleaning and tidying up, before we can call them 100% done, but I wanted to go ahead and share them.

There are 8 figures in all. 4 rank and file cavalry troopers and a full command set (4 figures): standardbearer with sword an onion standard, champion with sword and fork of command, musician with horn and tankard and a sergeant with spear.

The command will be single part figures, the rank and file will have interchangeable heads.

A couple more shots of the command figures: