The Belfort

Another building,  a quicky this time as it is mostly stone. Another hardfoam one from the Ziterdes range. I'm calling it a belfort because that's what it looks like to me (for those not familiar with the term, it's a medieval watchtower/belltower). This is one of the more recent models in the range I think and it shows, crisp, hard edges and detail everywhere, you wouldn't believe this is foam until you pick it up and feel the weight. Hopefully they'll keep adding more with this level of quality.

I did some weathering on this that doesn't come out well in the pictures. Basically, some of those vertical streaks and shadows you may detect are actually greenish streaks in reality. Really. I'm actually quite happy how well this came out with minimal effort.

And in case you're wondering about the size, here's a scale shot with some figures (again, this is an impressive model sizewise) and some detail shots:


Windmill With Lookout Platform

It took a while to get it done, but I finished the Ziterdes windmill set. It's made from hardfoam with some lasercut wood details. It's a very large, and very nice model. The wings are a weak point in the design and I have pinned both them and the platform for maximum strength. I accidentally dropped it on the floor while painting and although one of the wings feels a bit loose if you push against it, it held.

I've included a few minis in the first and last picture to give a sense of scale. Did I mention it's big?

I decided to keep the actual mill part separate from the house part. Not only will this be easier for transporting, it also means the mill can be used on it's own without the rest of the building.


New Figures Available For Purchase

The following packs are now available to buy, while stock lasts.

* DWARFS (John Pickford):

WKD-09: Dwarf Core Infantry Command (3)
WKD-10: Dwarf Zweihänder Command (3)
WKD-11: Dwarf Zweihänder Action Poses (4)
WKD-12: Dwarf Zweihänder Unitfiller Poses (4)
WKD-04A: Dwarf Core Infantry with Spears/Pikes 4 (4)
WKD-04B: Dwarf Core Infantry with Halberds/Poleaxes 4 (4)
WKD-04C: Dwarf Core Infantry with Sword and Buckler 3 (4)
WKD-04D: Dwarf Core Infantry with Handguns 3 (4)
WKD-04E: Dwarf Core Infantry with Crossbows 3 (4)

* GOBLINS (Kev Adams)
WKG-03: Goblin Core Infantry Command (3)
WKG-10: Gob de Leon, Captain with Twin Swords (1)
* HORS SÉRIE (Brad Shier):
WKHS-04: Halfling Noble (1)


Town Buildings - Tower Finished!

Well, I managed to finish this hexagonal tower (see WIP here). I'm not entirely happy with it, but I learned a lot making it and will be able to improve with future builds. For those that wonder, the door is a resin cast from Antenociti's Workshop and the windows on the upper floor are plastic windows from the GW fortified manor set. The rest it scratchbuilt.