Painted Dwarf Knights And Assembled Metals

Master Painter Jaeckel put his brushes to this Dwarf Knight command group and they look amazing. I'll let you admire the pictures, that speak for themselves, but would just like to add that you should go check out his blog Jaeckel Alone, for more painted dwarf magic!

In a related theme, if you wondered what an assembled unit of the dwarf knights look like en masse, prior to painting, check out Purplebeard's pictures!


The Weisz Sisters - Greens

Another first, some human greens. Like the elves, these are sculpted by Mark Evans and represent two young nobleman's daughters. Apologies for the bad quality of the first picture.

The daughters of Graf Weisz von Schnee:

First, Graf Weisz' eldest daughter, Katarin. She has a fondness for apples and hanging out with dwarfs and will probably be in need of rescuing at some point:

Graf Weisz (von Schnee)'s youngest daughter, the more unruly Kristin Weisz. Like her older sister, she has a soft spot for dwarfs, but unlike her, she is more interested in fighting and adventure than learning how to be a proper lady:

Sea Elf Greens - Part 2

I've shown these on the facebook page, but only got around to adding them to the blog now. All the figures are sculpted by Mark Evans.

First off, the greens for the second set of Sea Elves. These will come with separate hands and include weapon options for handweapon+shield, halberd+shield, spear+shield, twohanded halberd, twohanded spear or crossbow.
The bodies (4 male, 4 female). The female and the one in the upper right corner are just wonderful in my opinion:

Some of the weapon options:

An overview with most of the bits (the weapon+shield options are the same as in the first set and not shown here):

The third set will not be modular and is a pure crossbow set. Again, there are 4 male and 1 female figure. I love these!

A closer look at the female figure:

And the loader, one of my favourites: