Dwarf Ponyriders Available

It's been a while, but the Dwarf ponyrider sets are now available (see the "Getting Some" section to the left or go here).
The following codes have been added:

Dwarf Light Cavalry:
WKD-20: Dwarf Pistoliers on Ponies (4)
WKD-21: Dwarf Light Lancers on Ponies (4)
WKD-22: Dwarf Swordsmen on Ponies (4)
WKM-01: Dwarf Ponies (4)

Dwarf Bits:
WKDH-03: Dwarf Heads 3 (8)
WKDW-13: WKD-21 Arms with Spears (gloved hand) (4)
WKDW-14: WKD-22 Arms with Swords (gloved hand) (4)

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