Second batch of Landsknecht Goblin greens

I've been silent for a long time about the goblins, but I finally have an update. Kev's been busy converting the existing poses to add more variants and has gone way beyond expectations in making each one unique. He also added more heads and more weapon options. There are 8 new bodies (making for a total of 12), 10 new heads, a few variants for the existing weapons and a crossbow option.

These are now off to the mouldmaker and have been mastermoulded. I am awaiting mastercastings for one final check. If everything checks out, they're up for productionmoulding.

But in the mean time, have some pictures:

The 8 new bodies:

The heads (the missing one is visible in the above image):

A closer look at the back and front of the bodies:

 Some of the "plug-in" types in action:

The sprues (spears and halberds have  been sprued up differently since. The little shield in the lower right corner has a hand attached to it. This will allow to use the normal (one-handed weapons) on the plug-in type bodies in combination with the shield for even more variety in the poses.

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