Dwarfs with Pikes - Part 11

Something that was long overdue, the command figures for the Marauder Miniatures MB1 Dwarfs with pikes. It's only when I started editing the pictures I realised I forgot to finish their noses with my trademark "red nose". This omission was quickly rectified but by then the good light was gone, so you'll have to do with these pictures for now.

The champion. It's a great figure, but I don't think I did justice to it. I feel I could have picked the colours better.

The standard bearer. A great figure that I decided to put some extra care in, with the striped trousers. The banner is made from my usual material of stiff, posable foil (the kind you find in little dishes for chinese food, premade lasagna's, etc... Since I don't eat that stuff, I simply bought some empty ones which can also be had in a lot of places).

I'm rather happy with the little flag, even though the best part of it is hidden. It's a simplistic design, far from the little masterpieces others craft for their standarbearers. I remembered to take a picture before gluing it on, but after adding the curves. The shield looks asymmetrical in the picture because of the curve, but it's not.

The musician, this is the least interesting figure of the three, but quite possibly the single example of a dwarf playing a flute. And it's still a good figure in it's own right too.

And finally, a couple long overdue group shots of the unit so far (25 dwarfs, more to add). They are a mixture of WK dwarfs, Marauder originals and a few marauder conversions.

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