More Dwarf and Hors Série Greens

Some of you may have heard me hint at a Zweihänder sergeant figure that might swell the ranks and allow you more easily to build even numbered units from the existing packs. Well, here is Serge, displaying the particular talent that allowed him to step from the rank and file and take a more prominent role in the regiment. I'm particularly fond of the look of utter happiness that John managed to put on his face (despite the beard). Sculpted by John Pickford as usual.

And finally, one more dwarf that will be included in the next release, though it will be added to the Hors Série range as it was not made as part of the actual dwarf range (though it scales perfectly with them). This one was sculpted by LordWriggly over on Bugman's Brewery and will delight those who have been yearning to add a female touch to their unit of pikewarfs. This spearmaiden is just the ticket.

To conclude this update, the next release will also include the long awaited duck... with friends (Evil Duck, Sallet Duck, Bishop Duck, Wizard Duck and Landsknecht Duck).

And a small reminder of the scale of the duck(s):

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