Goblin Character Greens

Some more upcoming figures, goblin characters now.

The first one is named Gobboprince de Lu, based on his passing resemblance to the 80's version of a famous cooky mascotte. He comes with an elegant sword with decorated hilt and a double barreled pistol option.

Since it takes all sorts, the troops are comforted by this lovely goblin floozy. Or is it just a goblin in drag? Either way, you should be in for a quite a unique/horrifying experience.

Gobbo Cortez is widely known for his stylish facial hair, a rare thing among goblinoids, raising suspicions as to whether it might in fact be a fake. Either way, his two pistols tend to be quite convincing in dealing with tose non-believers.

Finally, 6 new goblin infantry heads with various types of morion-style helmets for those who want some troops to match the Gob de Leon and Gobbo Cortez figures.

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