Goblin Clerics and Goblin/Halfling Wizards

Last group of new sculpts that will be included in the upcoming late August/early September release are the goblin clerics and wizards, by Kev Adams. 

I'll start with the Clerics of Gob (aka "Gob the Almighty" or "The Great Gobbo In The Sky"). Clerics of Gob go into battle wearing light armour and wielding enchanted battlehammers or flaming swords. You could of course use these as armoured wizards and substitute the weapons for those from the wizard sprues.

Then there are the wizards themselves. These come with three body variants, 4 goblin wizard heads and a load of left and right hand options. 

The heads are: "pointy wizard hat"-head, "pointy hat and fake beard"-head, "My head is on fire and I'm totally cool with it"-head and "I'm wearing this skullcap and spectacles to look smarter-head.

Right hand weapon options include: "gnarly wood"-staff, curved sword, comical wand and flaming sword.
Left hand options include: "moon emblem"-staff, flaming sword and mystical hammer.

And for those who don't like the idea of goblin wizards, there's a set of alternate heads to turn these into halflings:

Some random assembled examples:

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