Manufacturer Showcase - Part 1 - Historical Landsknechts

Following the example of the pages I worked on on the Colonel Marble's Miniatures Showcase, I will update this blog with a series of posts compiling a list of all suitable figures with a (fantasy) renaissance theme. I will start the first part with a section on historical (and thus human) landsknecht ranges.

1. Wargames Foundry:

Possibly the biggest range to date and all sculpted by the Perry twins, with a few exceptions by Mike Owen. The range has command figures, knights, cannon and crew, handgunners and pikemen.


2. Artizan Designs

A relatively recent and growing range of landsknecht figures by Mike Owen. So far, there are command figures, pikemen, handgunners, halberdiers and dopplesoldners.


3. Pro Gloria Miniatures

Another new and growing company with a small, but expanding range of excellent figures sculpted by the talented Paul Hicks. So far a hackbut and looting landsknecht.


4. Eureka Miniatures

Australian miniatures manufacturer with a small Italian Wars range that has some gendarmes (knights) and mounted men-at-arms (unreleased):


5. The Assault Group

This UK company offers some suitable figures in the renaissance range, including halberdiers and the upcoming gendarmes.


6. Brother Vinni's Miniatures

Russian one-man company producing some very nice Landsknecht figures in 28mm. So far there are handgunners, halberdiers, a sort of hackbut/swivelgun, a sapper and an officer.


7. Old Glory Miniatures

American-based manufacturer with a large, though somewhat inconsistent range of figures, covering pikemen, command, handguns, cavalry, dopplesoldners...

USA: http://www.oldgloryminiatures.com/

UK: http://www.oldgloryuk.com/

8. Redoubt Enterprises

Redoubt offers a range of biggish figures that includes pikemen, officers, crossbowmen, handgunners, reiters (pistoliers), knights, artillery and crew, characters ...


9. Mirliton

Italian manufacturer with a small range of italian wars figures, including a rather nice carriocco (war wagon) and bellwagon.

Italy: http://www.mirliton.it/

UK: http://www.vexillia.ltd.uk/

10. Warrior Miniatures

Uk-based manufacturer of, among other things, a small renaissance range. The figures are a bit dated, but they are cheap as chips (70p each for a footmodel).

11. Irregular Miniatures
Another oldie. To be honest, they are pretty bad by today's standards.


12. Miniature Figurines (aka Minifigs)

Another company that seems to have been around forever and that do some landsknechts. No pictures though...


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