First Pictures of Landsknecht Goblin Greens

While John is working away on more dwarfish goodness, I couldn't resist the temptation to ask one of my sculpting idols, the great Kev Adams, to do some of his iconic goblins for the range, kitted out in landsknecht gear. And they look pretty fantastic, it looks like Kev really strived to make these some of his finest goblins yet, surpassing all expectations.

There are 4 poses to start with. There are 6 heads that fit all 4 bodies. 3 of the bodies have interchangeable weaponhands (spear, halberd and two swordvariants) and a separate shield. The 4th is armed with a handgun and will receive more options after moulding.

More detailed pictures showing the possible combinations will follow when I have them in hand, but I couldn't wait to show you these pictures Kev sent to me.

The models, assembled with blue-tack:

Unassembled and WIP:


  1. Wow WK you just can't stop huh?!?! these are genius and will certainly find their way to me as well...not sure I can make Slash and Puff Gobbos work with my Merc Army Fluff....but who the hell cares?? they are too cool!


  2. They will be a perfect match to kev's Foundry ogres/war orcs, excellent!

  3. Yes, I always felt that was lacking from the Foundry range, a good set of goblins to go with them.
    As for your Merc Army fluff, Blue, if GW could have orcs and hobgoblins as Regiments of Renown, you can surely have some almost civilised goblin mercenaries in your force. ;)