Renaissance Goblin and Halfling range on Kickstarter

For those of you who missed it, my former goblin and (slim) halfling range, as sculpted by Kevin Adams, is currently being kickstarted by the new owner for re-release under the Shortwars label.

Aside from bringing back the main range, the kickstarter includes several expansions of the range that I never got around to, such as archers, goblin cavalry and an all new range: renaissance beastlings! Renaissance trolls and ogres are also available. 

Only 6 days left and plenty of stretch goals to unlock, so get over there and pledge now!


Goblin and halfling archers:

Goblin cavalry on armoured warhounds:

Chaotic beastlings:

Ogres and trolls:

Note that I'm not affiliated with Shortwars and any questions should be asked on the kickstarter page or the Shortwars blog: http://www.shortwars.co.uk/