Dwarf Knights of the Great Bear on Foot - Greens

It's been a while since there's been another update on the dwarfs, but John just sent me the final pictures for the next two sets: Dismounted Dwarf Knights of the Great Bear: 8 models including full command.

First, the Captain and Sergeant for the unit. I included the center pictures because they give a frontal look at the models, but note that the hammers on those were still WIP and final look is as shown on the left side of the image:

Standard Bearer and musician:

4 full plated, fur cape wearing, hammerwielding helpings of dwarven wrath:

A closer look at the individual models:

I think John did a good job on these and they are the best of all the dwarven footknights we had done. They wouldn't look too out of place with the Ewal Dvergar either.