Svennn's Dwarf Warband

For those who haven't seen them on the LAF, I wanted to share Svennn's fantastic brushwork on this small dwarf warband, combining various models from throughout the range. These were done by him as a commission and I believe intended to form a Mordheim warband, together with some he did earlier. Those checks and stripes alone are worth taking some time to look at them.

The knight, just look at that lance and barding!

The Light Cavalry Champion.

A couple characters, one from the Zweihänder set and the other a champion from the Core Infantry Command:

And some dwarfs with crossbows and sword and bucklers.


  1. Amazing! Which brand are those dwarfs?

  2. No brand, they are all sculpted, moulded and casted for my personal collection, but I got more castings thant I need and you can get some spares through the "getting some" section to the left of this page.