More Sea Elves

Another update on the Sea Elves. The greens for sets 1-3 have been mastermoulded. Once I get the castings back, I can check for moulding damage and see if anything else is required before they can go into a productionmould.

I also have new greens to show, being all of set 4 (handweapons) and 3/5 of set 3 (kneeling crossbows).

Set 4: Sea Elves with handweapons. These will use the hands with the axes from set 1 (not shown). As usual, 4 males and one female.

I like this one a lot, he could be used as a champion too.

The female one. She thinks she's a pirate. Arrrrrr.

Set 5 (60% of it). Kneeling crossbow poses (the bow is a separate part and not shown here).


  1. nice sculpts! can i ask where you got the female torso in the curaiss?

  2. All the parts are original sculpts specifically for this project and moulded for use in the troopbuilding. You can see the origianl greens in this post: http://whiteknightminiatureimperium.blogspot.be/2013/06/sea-elf-greens.html