Dwarfs with Greatswords - Part 1

At long last I managed to slap some paint on some of the first mastercastings of the dwarf zweihänders and I may be biased, but I think they look bloody fantastic. It's almost a shame that some of the wonderful detail is hidden on their backs as it really helps to set them apart from the rank and file. These are clearly better paid soldiers, with access to the very best fineries and equipment.

I went for a more uniformed look to these as they are professional elite soldiers and may be subject to more strict uniform regulations. There is of course room for individuality even within the most strict corset (not that they're wearing those underneath that armour) (I hope). I think the bright colours I use throughout the army work especially well on these figures.

The Captain of the Regiment, one of my favourite dwarf figures ever:

Two of the "unitfiller" poses, standing at ease. Heads are interchangeable:


  1. Very nice figure painted very nicely!

  2. I say "when do you think to be ready to sell this elite core " ?

    A fan of your awesome work .


  3. Well, normally I would guess sometime next month, but as we're facing the Salute build-up, it will all depend on availability of the mouldmaker/caster, so it is possible they will be delayed until after Salute.