Dwarf Zweihänder Greens - Part 2

The good news is the second half of the Zweihänder set is ready and off to be mastermoulded. The bad news is most of the pictures I took of them before they left turned out pretty bad. Still, bad pictures are better than no pictures,  so I will shown them to you anyway, as I think the models are very good.

I'll start with my favourite of this bunch, he of the hat with many feathers. The flambergé type sword makes a nice change from the others and looks very good.

The next one mirrors the previous pose, though doesn't look quite as heroic. It takes all sorts.

The third and final rank and file figure is another body variant for the unitfiller pack, with two new heads.

The Zweihänder come with full command (their captain was included in the first batch). The standardbearer is carrying a small sword, which is resting casually on his shoulder (sharp side up of course).

We tend to associate bagpipes with the Scottish, but in truth they were pretty common in Western Europe during the landsknecht era.

Finally, something whimsical, which may or may not end up in the "Hors Série" range, a small duckling with a landsknecht hat, made by John as an in joke. It's really tiny, as can be seen from the picture.

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