Imperial Dwarf Greys - Part 1

First of a unit of "Imperial Dwarf Greys". Where most other regiments rely on pistols or lances to soften up the enemy, the Greys charge directly in to battle with nothing but their swords, yelling out their defiance. They are famous for only riding grey ponies, making them instantly recognisable on the field of war.

Seen here with some light cavalry from different pony units (Light Lancers and Pistoliers):


  1. They look great! I really love these ponies. Seems everyone wants to put dwarves on bears, which is alright, but ponies do make a lot more sense, and these have great character

  2. Well, bears make sense if your dwarfs are of the Norse/viking style, but for Renaissance dwarfs it really wouldn't look appropriate. Plus, you can't make a bear look angry, comical and cute at the same time. :)