The beginnings

Many years ago, I started collecting (and painting) a Warhammer Empire army, including many classic models from Citadel and Marauder, as well as plastic extra's from the Battlemasters set and some figures from alternative manufacturers. I got as far as painting the lot you see below, before moving on to other things. But I never stopped adding to the army (in terms of bare metal and plastic) and have now once more picked up the brushes. Of course, my painting style and skill has changed a lot since those days (which is why you're not getting any close-ups) and the old figures will need some touching up before they can stand proudly next to the more recently painted ones. While I still like the Empire background as defined by GW years ago, I have long since decided to take my own direction with it, and include many other influences. So this is not really an Empire army, but a broader, multiracial renaissance themed fantasy army.

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