Revamping a cheap castle kit - part 1

A cheap castle kit from a toy store, that I'm turning into empire-themed scenery, with the addition of a few bobs and bits. The box and it's contents:

The central building built straight from the box, with addition of statues, shield icons and scratchbuilt doors. Gaps were filled:

Front, back and side view after painting. Torches added from the GW plastic manor set. The toylike flags were replaced with scratchbuilt flagpoles (steel wire and two types of plastic beeds). Flags will be added when I get them done.

As can be seen here, the walking space on both sides of the roof has room for 4 figures on 20mm bases. Would be a good spot for a sniper/hochland longrifle.

And a few final pics with figures to give a feel of the size:

 All in all, I don't regret buying the kit, especially considering the price. I am very pleased with how well it paints up.

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