Dwarf Griffon Knight

Another one almost done, though I see I'll need to redo the shoes, looking a bit sloppy there. Sorry about the bad picture quality, best I could get today. This one is intended to be a knightly hero type in classic Empire style. He actually looks quite good in real life, but doesn't photograph very well. Using bits from the 6th edition plastic dwarves and the empire knightly order sprue. His shield is a foundry metal shield (slightly smaller than the plastic GW ones) with some added detail (griffon head, ribbon):
And finally, his ride (unconverted marauder miniatures griffon). I've had this for years but didn't know what rider to put on it (the original had a chaos warrior in a kneeling pose). Then recently it occurred to me there was enough room for the stumpy legs of a dwarf. And given the relationship between dwarf and griffon, it's even fluffy.

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