Dwarf Airship - Part 2

Work on the airship begins in earnest as all the unwanted bits are removed: Then all the existing and newly created gaps are filled and a door is added to cover the irregularly shaped hole:

And the ship will need a name of course. This one reads "Nex Superne". Anyone care to guess what I was going for with that in English?

But how will it fly? I have considered various options (including magic powered and with regular sails), and inthe end I decided to go with a balloon. Though it will be neither round nor zeppelinshaped. I had a hard time coming up with something suitable and it will be three smaller balloons, tied together with ropes. I hope that will still be suitably fantasy. You can see the basic structure here: This will get covered in putty and such. The top half will be covered in a large sail, to which will be added the cables that attach it to the gondola (so the balloons will kinda be trapped under the sail). I still need to work out a few things, but that's the main idea.

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