Witchhunter and knight models find new home

 In a surprise turn of events, the witch hunter, footknight and mounted knight models have rejoined their dwarven, halfling and zombie brethren under the TAG roof:

Read The Assault Group announcement here. 

painted by Jan Niehues

Painted by Svennn

painted by Mr Chumley Warner

painted by Mr Chumley Warner

painted by Orctrader

painted by Orctrader

These will no longer be supplied through this blog, but if you're still awaiting to receive an order placed before the handover, that will of course be honoured.


  1. Bellissimi.
    Avessi soldi e tempo inlimitato li comprerei tutti.
    Metterai mai i tui elfi su the assaultgroup? è tanto che li vorrei acquistare

  2. Very cool - it would be good if these excellent figures reached a wider audience.

    One thing I've wondered from time to time, is what happened to the Sea Elves? Did they ever end up being made available anywhere else?

    1. There was a deal in place, but it recently fell through, so I will look for a new home for them soon.

  3. And will the landsknecht goblins ever be available again?

    1. I know they have been acquired by another company from the person who had them last and hope they will release them soon.

  4. hello @White Knight I've always loved your miniatures and finally after YEARS I have a little bit of spare money for hobbying and I am looking to purchase some of your miniatures.

    My dream has always been to make/paint up a Marienburg army and buying your minis has been the pinnacle of achieving that dream for years now!

    I see that most of your range has moved and can now be bought on the Assault group's webstore but I'm wondering where I can purchase the following in particular as they don't appear to be on The Assault Group's webstore:

    -All the Sea Elf Shields
    -Sea Elf Axes
    -Sea Elf Bodies
    -Sea Elf Command Banners
    -HUMAN CONVERSION BITS (ie the footknights body and weapon sprues)
    -The Human Knight Horses
    -Human Artillery Cannoneer with Hackbut
    -Kristin/Katarin and Countess Weisz

    -Also I in the future I'd love to purchase The rest of Sea Elves as well!

    How can I reach out to you for purchasing?

    PS I have been struggling with how best to get in contact with(haven't been able to find your email address) and would very much like to talk to see if this is possible/the best way for me to go about buying your models from you.