Painted WK Zombies from the internet

While a recent move has left me with hobby stuff formally locked away in closed, stacked boxes in the shed and therefore no chance to paint any of the new releases, some painted zombies have started to appear on the web, which I felt deserved to be shared here:

First of all, there are Blue-in-VT's zombie halfling shamblers:

The "Split" Personality

The Nibbler

The Pointer


The "Thriller"

Check out his excellent blog, "Blue's Marauding Miniatures" for a lot more eyecandy: http://bluesmarauders.blogspot.com/


Secondly, Whiskey Priest painted this excellent set of human zombies for his "Elizabethan Gothic" project. Check out his inspiring project here: Elizabethan Gothic:

"Sir Thomas Cocksure is not impressed!"

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