Renaissance Zombie Greens (Human)

The full set of 5 Renaissance human zombies (3 landsknechts, 1 reiter and 1 gen d'armes) in a shocking display of my increasingly bad photography. Sculpted by the talented Mick Darpa and in the mail to Peter Brown shortly.

And some better pics from Mick. The knight or gen d'armes is my favourite. Perfect pose and gorgeous detail. I couldn't have dreamed it better.

3 classic landsknechts, or undead versions thereof. If you might be slightly worried about the size of the hands in some pictures, don't. It's just a trick of perspective due to the angle of the pictures.

Finally, an unhorsed reiter who clearly has some leg injury. Luckily, in his zombie state he's immune to that sort of pain and will be able to continue walking on it until the weight of his body damages it beyond use.


  1. Really cool bunch of deaders 8)
    Very tempting to get and paint!

  2. Fantastic!! Especially the Gen's Darme!