Dwarf Character Greens: Inventors and War Engineers

John sculpted three brilliant dwarf inventors (or war engineers if you like) for me, all armed with an advanced weapon of their creation.

The first of these is armed with a long-distance sniper handgun, which comes with two alternative support options, a simple stand or a beardling (or halfling) pageboy. I just love all the intricate detail on this one and it's one of John's best figures to date in my opinion:

The second of the upcoming dwarf inventors is armed with a hackbut/swivelgun that will wreak havoc on the battlefield. Note the gorgeous detail on the gun barrel and the dwarf's helmet:

The third, and for now last, dwarf inventor is called "the bomber". The figure comes with two alternate bomb holding hands, "regular" and "holy":


  1. Can't wait to get my paws on them :-)

  2. Lovely characters! I love the bomber model!


  3. Brilliant!! Hurry up and release!!!

  4. These are some very well done figurines. It is a tedious task to craft these miniature figurines. By looking at these I cannot fully tell whether they are plastic or metal, and it isn't mentioned elsewhere in the post. Could you fill me in? I hope these are affordable enough for me to get my hands on some. Thanks!

    Spencer James | http://www.lnlhomeproducts.com/default.asp?dept_id=45180

  5. They will be metal. When they are ready, they will be added to the "getting some" section to the left with the figures that are available now.