Sea Elf Command Greens

It's been a while without update for the elves, but here is a preview of 4/5 of the Core Infantry Command set. Sculpting courtesy of Mark Evans as usual.

First, the first of two champion figures, A Sea Elf Captain with interchangeable head (4 head options will be supplied in the set). This one was inspired by the Man With No Name (hence the poncho):

The second champion comes with separate head, separate shieldhand and alternate weapon arms (sword or axe). This one looks rather dynamic, in contrast to the more static pose of the first one. Also shown, one of the additional head variants (with helmet):

Another favourite in this set is the female fifer. The images speak for themselves, really:

 Last one for these previews (there is another musician that I will show later), is the standard bearer, shown here with the optional standard pole toppers. The latter have a unifying nautical theme (these are Sea elves after all).


  1. The Sea elves are lovely as always (and I plan to get some... eventually) but those banner toppers are ace!

    Nitpick: the flag is blowing the wrong way around on the miniature ship!