Teasers For Things To Come In 2013

It's been a while since any real update on what's in the pipeline and I'm not going to give you one now. Instead, I'll just show you a couple teasers and be done with it. Oh, and there is now a new facebook page where you can also follow updates.

Can you guess what these are?

And this?

This should be fairly obvious (painted figure for scale)...

I've also been playing around a bit more myself and completed the second member of the stretcherbearer team and added some bits that offer the option to use them as an ammo/petard team instead. We'll see if it looks halfway decent when it's moulded (if it doesn't, they'll stay in my personal collection).

Some heads to go with them. Only the best will go on to be turned into metal.

And I've finished mister twohands here (after tearing off parts of it more times than I can remember in order to start over) or at least got him close enough to stop fiddling with him. He'll get two optional weapon tops that will be spear and halberd, though he should look good with one of the dwarf standards as well.


  1. Knights are in a league of their own, but you already knew I'd say that, didn't you.
    Kev's artillery crew are fantastic, but needs a cannon ;)
    And more Halflings .... doesn't seem to fit the current range of combo goblin/halfling *nudge, nudge*
    And finally, you own stuff.. ain't that bad, ain't that bad at all. starts to fear you won't be need Jonh much more :-s heads are nice editions to the current range and the stretcherbearers turned out nicely. Especially with the new add ons ;)

  2. Oh hubba hubba! I'm in love with all of these...particularly the knights and the new heads...excellent work on those.

  3. The current range of goblin/halfling conversion kits was done as a favour to the many people asking for such a thing. I was always going to do a proper halfling range though and the opportunity presented itself a bit sooner than planned. I will ensure compatibility with the existing halfling heads and bits though.