Dwarf Zweihänder Greens - Part 1

I've been sitting on these for a while now (a few months at least), hoping to share the whole set at once, but one can only be expected to sit one's own pool of froth for so long before cracking. So without further ado, here is the first half of a set of elite dwarf infantry: the Zweihänders. They are all equipped with plate armour, a greatsword that's taller than they are, and a handweapon in it's scabbard. And big floppy hats of course. As always, they are sculpted by the talented John Pickford.

First of, the unit champion. As befits his status, he has the biggest feather. I really like this pose a lot (which is a tribute to the old marauder ogre with greatsword).

Next, a couple of unit fillers:

I call these unitfillers because of their relatively static poses and the possibility to swap heads around (also with those from other sets).

Talking about unitfillers supposes there are also non-unitfillers, which are some one piece dwarfs. As it's an elite unit, fewer variants are required, so it was the occasion to include some more varied poses and do away with the limitations imposed by the multipart nature of the other figures.

The first one is at the ready...

... while the second one is not afraid to take the fight to the enemy.

The next batch will include the rest of the command set and a few more poses and variants for the unit.

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  1. So when can they be mine?

    Love the new multi parts (great poses) and the Champion is very good. My favorite is the single piece dwarf at the ready, though. Almost made me cry, when I saw him. Awesome stuff, Seb.