First Painted Goblins

I tried my hand on some mastercastings of the goblins and they came out rather well I think. Kev put loads of detailed textures on them that should be brought out nicely by some gentle drybrushing or a wash (though in this case I spent ages painting on the highlights instead, and of course they don't really show up at all in the pictures).  The multipart figures went together without need for filling.

The first goblin is one of the close combat models, with separate heads, right hands and shields. I chose to equip this first try with a sword, though spear and halberd options are available too. The freehand on the shield is a bit weak, but that's not my strong point. There was also some problem with the primer, making one of his cheeks a bit rougher than it should be.

The second one is of the plug-in hand type and comes with separate head and separate hands. I thought this head, with the hat and earring worked really well with this body.

 A quick size and style comparison with a couple Foundry mercenary orcs, also sculpted by Kev Adams:

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