Other painters doing WK Dwarfs

Some other painters have tried their hand at some WK dwarfs, with great results (putting my own work to shame, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles when you deal with talented people). I thought I'd show them here.

First off, here are Paul v2's "quick" speardwarfs (go check out his blog "Here Lives Goblins"). I would never have guessed they would look this good in a single colour:

Secondly, some pictures painted by the hobby veteran Svennn. His painting style really brings out the old school flavour in these dwarfs (some more pictures in his thread on the LAF):

Thirdly, I got some more pictures of the set Bruenor Odinson of Odinson's Anvil painted, great stuff!

Finally, as a preview of things to come, Blue-in-vt painted these mastercastings of the second set of dwarfs (more pictures on his blog called Blue's Marauding Miniatures):

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