Dwarf Wench Mastercastings

The pictures aren't great, but here's a first look at the metal mastercastings of the dwarf wenches and floozie. The serving wenches are a tad taller, though this is amplified due to the tab not being inserted deep enough in the slotta bases for the picture. I might ask John to shave a mm of the underside of the dress on the castings that will be used to make the productionmould.

A closer look at the wenches and the floozie. I've only loosely put the tray with the plate in place and it's not glued on, so may not be in the most optimal position possible.

A (badly lit) picture of all the bits:

And a comparison with a couple Marauder dwarves I had within reach when I took the pictures. As you can see, the girly dwarf is about on par with the taller marauder dwarfs and a bit taller than the shorter ones.


  1. Those dwarves seem very happy abut being in the same picture as the floozie

  2. I took some more pictures, but they had to be censored.