Manufacturer Showcase - Part 8 - Renaissance Spanish and Elisabethans

This page will address some ranges that offer Renaissance figures with a - to the popular mind - distinctly spanish look (read: morions everywhere), including both fantasy and historical ranges, going from conquistadores over border reivers and Elisabethans.

1. Gamezone Miniatures

This Spanish manufacturer of GW-style fantasy miniatures, has a load of mounted and dismounted figures with a definite spanishlooking slant. The range includes cavalry, handgunners, crossbowmen, halberdiers, pikemen, artillery,...


2. Pro Gloria/Arsenal Miniatures

A small range of 16th century Maltese (mounted and on foot), sculpted by Paul Hicks. Originally shown by Arsenal Miniatures over a year ago, word on the streets is that these are set to be released by Pro Gloria Miniatures in the coming months.



3. Wargames Foundry

Foundry has several ranges that fit this theme: a high renaissance swashbuckling range, an El Dorado conquistadore range and a, somewhat older, Elisabethan range.


4. Victoria Miniatures

A small Australian fantasy range by sculptor Victoria Lamb, including these Pythonesque Spanish Inquisition figures.


5. The Assault Group (TAG)

TAG's Renaissance range offers a large selection of Conquistadores and Neapolitan/Spanish troops. The range includes characters and command figures, infantry armed with crossbows, arquebus, sword and buckler, pikes/poleweapons, wardogs and handlers, mounted conquistadores...


6. Eureka Miniatures

The Australian based ecclectic miniature manufacturer offers a wide range of conquistadore figures. The range includes swordsmen, halberds, crossbows, arquebusiers, command figures, dog handlers, cavalry and artillery.


7. Brother Vinni's Miniatures

This Russian manufacturer offers a selection of fantasy and historical miniatures, including some dynamic rodelero's.

8. Games Workshop

I almost forgot to include them, but over the years, GW released some (in many cases now OOP) Estalian figures, which are the warhammer equivalent of renaissance Spanish. Aside from the classic handgunners and swordsmen from the nineties, there was also the Pirazzo's Lost Legion unit (they're not even trying to hide their inspiration source with that name) that can be assembled with pikes or crossbows.


9. Old Glory Miniatures

Possibly the American minimaker with the most extensive catalogue. Some ranges are a bit hit and miss, but I've been told the 16th century wars of religion figures are quite decent quality. The range includes command, pikes, handgunners, bravos and swashbucklers, cavalry (lances and pistols),...


10. Sgt Major Miniatures/Vendel

The Vendel Miniatures range of border reivers and elisabethans is now produced by Sgt. Major Miniatures in the US under the "Molon Labe" label. Pistols, crossbows, guns, cavalry, ... Quite chunky figures.


11. Graven Images

UK-based company making mostly big 40mm figures, but also offering a range of chunky 30mm border reivers sculpted by Jim Bowen.


12. Redoubt Enterprises

UK-based company with an extensive Renaissance range, some of which can be used as Spanish or Elisabethans. Redoubt figures tend to be on the large end of the scale.

13. Essex Miniatures

One of the oldtimers of miniature manufacturers. They must have been really nice back in the day, but sadly, they show their age now.


14. Pendraken

This company produces a range of Elisabethans. No pictures on the site, but the one I have seen shows advanced symptoms of the pumpkinhead-syndrome. They seem to offer a large range of foot, cavalry and artillery though.



Note that more morion-wearing goodness can be found in most ECW and TYW ranges, but as these are a slightly later period, they are not included in this showcase. Some noteworthy ranges for that era are Warlord Games, TAG, Perry Miniatures, Old Glory, Redoubt Enterprises, Bicorne Miniatures, Renegade Miniatures,... See also Tercio Creativo.

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