Manufacturer Showcase - Part 7 - Renaissance Civilians

Soldiers are all very well, but once you've built that renaissance city or village, for some more interesting scenario's than a big battle in open space, you may want some nice civilians to go with them. The following list is not exhaustive, but only features those ranges that fit best to the theme of this blog in my opinion (YMMV).

A small tip, cannon/mortar crew often make good civilians too with little or no conversion.

1. Lead Adventure Minatures

LAM's Bruegelburg range, sculpted by Igor, is the closed thing you'll find to a Mordheim-esque civilian range. The figures are crammed with character and detail.


2. Pro Gloria Miniatures

Simply the best historical renaissance civilian range currently available. Sculpted by Paul Hicks, they are a must have if you want to populate your town with something other than soldiers.


3. Alionas Miniatures

A German manufacturer offering figures with old school charm, including some Mordheim-esque civilians, allegedly sculpted by the same Igor who is doing LAM's Bruegelburg range.


4. Fenryll Miniatures

French manufacturer of resin fantasy figures, including some nice civilian minis. Only downside is they are rather big, 32mm figures, that will work ok with the bigger fantasy ranges, but less so with the smaller historical ranges.


5. Mega Miniatures

US-based manufacturer producing several older ranges. Some are better than others and sizes can vary from 28mm to 25mm, but there are some old school gems to be found here.


6. Games Workshop

Both the Warhammer Empire (collectors) range and Mordheim range offer some civilians. This is of course without counting the old OOP civilians, travellers and townfolk that  were available in the 80's and still show up on ebay on a regular basis.


7. Front Rank Miniatures

Front Rank don't produce a renaissance range as such, but a couple of their WOTR figures fit in well in my opinion and they are nice crisp models that scale well with 90's GW figures.


8. Mirliton Miniatures

Italian manufacturer with a small range of italian wars figures, including some civilian types.

Italy: http://www.mirliton.it/
UK: http://www.vexillia.ltd.uk/

9. Hasslefree Miniatures

UK-based company with a small range of fantasy villagers by Kev White.

10. Reaper Miniatures

American company making a large fantasy range, including several packs of townsfolk.


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