Imperial Ogre Standardbearer

Standards are meant to inspire fear in your enemies and to motivate the men of your regiment and when those men are ogres, well, a piece of cloth isn't going to do it. So this standard tries to do both, by using the head of a slain enemy (a stone troll) as a trophy on one side, and the regiment's mascotte on the other side. Of course, on occasion it happens that said mascotte doesn't make it through the battle, but it is also generally known that halflings make for a particularly tasty morsel if you're an ogre...

The figure is a conversion of the Marauder ogre with halberd, using a dwarf slayer standard top, a tied halfling from an old metal giant kit, a plastic shield from 6th edition with some added battlewear and a Foundry great orc sword (ramage). Modifications were made to the shape of the hat, the face, the hair, the trousers, the knife in the back was removed as was the small rat, a feather and a large sash were added, in order to make it as different as possible from the original figure (which will also be added to the unit later on).

A closer look at the terrified halfling.:

With the rest of the unit so far:

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